EdLab Spark: Be a Sports Volunteer and Run Your Own Pop Up Sports Event

Sport Volunteering is a vibrant programme offered by MMU sport through the Sports Volunteer coordinator. It offers students from all disciplines the opportunity to enhance their student experience and employability through following their passion for sport.


MMU Sports Volunteering has teamed up with EdLab to challenge students to design their own pop up education stall for sports events. This stall could be sharing information about any subject but there should ideally be a link to the location or sports event involved.

This is a great opportunity to bring educational elements to existing projects. Part of the challenge here is discovering chances to extract learning from different subject matters in a way that engages your key audience. The sports volunteering team is very supportive organisation and offers lots of ways to progress as a volunteer via their training workshops.

More Information:
To get involved in this project, or to work on a challenge which supports the development of this project, contact juliette.wilson @mmu.ac.uk or edlab @mmu.ac.uk

Partner Name: MMU Student Union Sports Volunteer Team
Keywords: Sports education, sports science, sports development, outreach and engagement