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Fighting for Girls Education

In Sierra Leone there is a dangerously worrying fact facing vulnerable young girls looking for a fair start in life: they’re simply not being given the opportunity to stay in school. UNICEF research shows that even a single year of secondary education has the potential to increase a girl’s future earnings by up to 25%. […]

Science Poetry

Dividing education into disciplinary boundaries, is not the only way of learning about a subject. Specific disciplinary labels can have stereotypical associations which affect how learners feel about, or engage with, a subject. Therefore, the extent to which learners enjoy or excel in different disciplines may have little to do with their abilities, and more […]

Escape the Classroom

Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular entertainment experiences in recent years, in which groups of people work together to solve puzzles and escape a locked room in a limited time period. As well as developing teamwork, communication and puzzle-solving skills, these rooms have the potential to embed puzzles that are related to specific disciplines or […]

Work with Grimm & Co

Grimm & Co are a Yorkshire charity based in Rotherham town centre, championing the writer in every young person through the joyful discovery of stories. Their story centre and imagination gym can only be accessed through the secret door of our ‘Apothecary to the Magical’, selling wit, humour, awe and wonder to all children. They […]

Imagineering with StarLab

StarLab is an inflatable dome onto which star and constellation maps can be projected to take learners on a virtual tour of the universe. It is a portable system which is easily transported and inflated, and can comfortably accommodate a class of children, or a group of adults.


The practices of coding and electronic ‘making’ have recently entered mainstream education. Their reach has, however, not been universal – and particular groups of pupils (boys, for instance) tend to feel that they are more relevant and accessible than others.

Happy Trails

Students worked with Primary Schools to create inclusive and engaging places of play, to explore the everyday in-between spaces of the city where children and teachers can work together. Students worked with creative collaborators  to enable the children to gain an understanding of the built and natural environment. Students collaborated with TASC (The Architecture School […]