Activity Streams


This stream of work started with explorations with Manchester Hive to work with local primary schools to deliver a project called Everyone Loves Robots. The key idea was to link a project based exploration of technology to diverse subjects which are of general interest. There was a strong introductory session to input an inspire around the theme of Robots and follow up project work in partnership with School of Art students, education students and primary teachers.

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Spark the Change

This stream draws on experiences of community activism, media hacklabs and free culture

production methods. Our tactic is to incorporate this but reframe it as a change-based approach to volunteering that our students identify with.

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Situate Yourself

This stream of activity explores techniques for moving people around and re-framing everyday experiences of their geographical area through an artistic lens. We use it as a  way of doing orientation student, Youth & Community Orientation.

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A playful way to explore issues of environment and growing. The focus here is on having fun and engaging with the local area. Our key partners for this stream are the Man Met Environment team and the Hulme Community Garden centre.

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