EdLab Spark: Create an Activity or Story Trail

The use of maps can stimulate learning experiences and increase engagement. MMU has a history of experimenting with games and apps with an aim to increase student engagement. We can add to this work by creating challenges in the form of Treasure Hunts or Adventure Trails aimed at both young people and adults.


The use of mobile phones and tablets is clearly valuable when it comes to creating such interactive trails. The mixed media approach including GPS, QR codes, images, videos and voice recordings opens the door to so many possibilities for an engaging learning experience. Actionbound is one tool that we use to facilitate these types of learning experiences.

Sample project: Create a Story Trail to link Students to Hulme Community

The Birley campus is a new development in the centre of Hulme, which itself has undergone two total re-generations in a compressed time. In such a period of transformation, much local knowledge and social pathways are lost. We want to foster a mix of low tech and high tech approaches to capture and preserve existing knowledge and understanding of the area and create a junction with emerging pathways of student experience of the area. The end goal is to create one or two trails using Action Bound or similar which act as a bridge between students studying at Brooks building and local community.

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