Promoting your work and yourself online

Tips and Tactics & putting it into action

Some questions that may come up are

  • What is social media? Which tools should we use?
  • Commercial context vs personal  / artistic context – how does this effect us?
  • Reflection on helping each other. We are very lucky to have a support group, let’s use it!

There are many online guides to do this. Search google for “promote yourself online tips

In 3’s – Pick one of these guides, or a similar one. Pick 3 – 5 tips that most apply to your project or to our group.

What information / extra tips can you add to make it easier for us to help each other?

  • One person tweets a summary of your 3-5 tips
  • One person takes notes ready to feed them back to the group.

When tweeting, please use twitter tags #artitstsdoit #toptips –