Let’s Practice

Last week, the great performers of CAN Young Artists met to rehearse for What is Done is Done.


The first step was for us to take part in warm up drama games. Then we did breathing exercises which were useful to make us concentrate, relax and more focus on the tasks ahead.  The speaking practice improved our pronunciation and helped us to project which made us speak at the right volume when delivering our lines.


After the warm up we started acting. Each group rehearsed one scene of the play with Kate and the dancers practice their dance moves with Magdalen. They learnt the new dance moves quickly and were able to rehearse within the scenes with us.


At the end, we had to perform our scenes in groups while Kate listened and watched carefully in order to make suggestions for improvements. We were really happy with the progress we have made as performers.

We all enjoyed this experience because we are improving each week as strong  performers and we all had so much fun working with each other.

I’m looking forward to the next workshop.

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