My Jerwood Creative Fellowship with MIF

It’s time to write about my experience as Jerwood Creative Fellow at MIF.

We are 6 local Artists with different skills and each of us working on different projects. Here are us:

  • Hafsah Aneela Bashir, a poet and spoken word artist who’ll be helping Theatre-Rites prepare for The Welcoming Party
  • Chanje Kunda, a poet, playwright and performance artist who’ll be travelling to Fatherland
  • Amy Lawrence, a live and visual artist who’ll be going behind the scenes with Boris Charmatz as he creates 10000 Gestures
  • Erinma Ochu, a writer and producer who’ll be joining Yael Bartana and her team as they ask What if Women Ruled the World?
  • Mahboobeh Rajabi, a digital artist, animator, filmmaker and theatre director who’ll be testing out her Party Skills for the End of the World
  • Simon Bray, a photographer who’ll be shadowing Hong Kong artist Samson Young as he tells One of Two Stories, or Both.

First we had our first meeting April and it was absolutely amazing to work with a team with different skills but a same vision. The great news of this opportunity by MIF to link with local Artists in Manchester which has a great diversity and different nationalities who are making Art in this city.

I am working with ‘Party Skills for The End of The World’ created by Nigel Barrett, Louise Mari and Abigail Conway. This is such a  co-creative process and we had more than 90 people came to 4 events so far. I leave the details for my next posts, because currently I am creating like a co-creation map of my experience.

Being the Digital Artists for #TANDEM Europe this year and focusing on co-creation and creating a documentary and also taking my directing courses focusing on co-creative process of making theatre and thinking about even more innovative of doing performances, #PartySkills is the actual project that will enhance my knowledge and experience.

I will definitely write more when my co-creative map got ready.

One of the most important point for me to be a MIF Jerwood Fellow, is the creating this relationship with the Festival which is an international but always the actual diversity inside of the city was not a part of the festival, which is changing now.

I always believed in the the concept of the team work and collaboration not only one focus direction by one person, especially with my theatre background, studying ina theatre school that it’s foundation was based on the ‘School of Theatre and Music’ by Stanislavsky and Nemirovich Danchenko. I still used some great pints and practices by them especially Danchenko regarding ‘Who is Theatre Director’. (I also did a full presentation on taht when I was 18 in IRAN). But I love creative and collaboration works.

I absolutely enjoyed having creative meetings with fellows. This is also an opportunity to learn from each other and work together at the same time promoting this amazing way of linking to the MIF which is also promoting the shows.

More is still to come …

to be continued …