BIG Announcement

I started 2017 with such amazing news.

I had meetings for my Innovative Digital Performance Idea and all has been hugely successful in January and February (basically up until now) I can see the foundation of my idea which is my experiences in the world of Digital, Media and also theatre.

The more big news is that I got Jerwood Creative Fellowship to work with Manchester International Festival @mifestival and also I am the Digital Artist for #TANDEMeurope this year, with my wonderful manager Sara Domville, working with Community Arts North West (CAN) and ‘Stichting de Vrolijkheid’ in #Amsterdam . I am looking forward to do amazing #Art projects in 2017.

I will be updating soon because I have my editing for the exciting Outside The Frame Arts Event 11th of March.

All great, exciting and productive stuff  🙂

P.S. New update:

I am proud to be working with Women’s Aid and Pankhurst Centre for the second year for International Women’s Day 2017, doing an animation workshop to send our message in IWD #BeBoldForChange .

it’s more than 6 years for me working also with women with different backgrounds to make art and sending our message to the world that women should never be treated any differently because they are women especially in the countries that women are treated second level citizens and have no rights and treated as a sex stuff to produce kids … It’s more than 5 years of starting Freedom Bird blog which got continued when I started more projects with women like Rule 35 at CAN and the working and producing videos and art works by women to send our message.

Also I am proud to work with women who are suffering any other situations and it made them vulnerable in different organisation in Manchester and Greater Manchester and they need get their voice out there.

More great news to be continued …