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Gallery of the Video production day. Thanks to Richard for a great insight on how to make it as a video production company working in the Arts.

A Gallery of My Sculptures

Ayo’s creative world

I have always had a great welcome over at the CAN (Community Arts Northwest) offices, and today was no exception. The diverse group of people have given me an opportunity to see the real work that continues to go on at these offices. I think it’s probably, no I know it’s the continued determined perserverance of the director that has had a great vision from the start that has enabled artists to thrive and move on into their chosen paths.

I met old faces, and people who I had recognised fromĀ unrelated projects. During the course of the ten weeks I will get the opportunity to speak with the other members of the group, and certainly will meet up with them through a new project called ‘Rocking in the Allotment’. As the name would suggest the venue will be hosted in my allotment on Friday the 19th and the 26th July as two free taster sessions of sculpting breeze block and will start at 10.00am to 5.00pm. Just bring some old clothing to wear as we gaurantee that you will get messy! Please see twitter link in the next couple of days for updates #twiterish – tah