‘Treedrum and the Manc’ acoustic duo

I’ve been working with a friend, Dominic Galligan for the last 3 or so years on original material and covers we both like and have come up with a fantastic set of songs that we are now playing out. We are embarking on a full blown project recording the songs and making accompanying promotional videos whilst playing out live. At the moment this is all being self funded but we hope to jump on the bandwagon of kickstarter.

For me it’s all a bit of fun but a project I can get my teeth into as I have been through the many processes of the rock ‘n’ roll machine many times already. Dominic and I have a set list that will lift the soul and have you smiling or crying. We currently do Tom Waits classics, Jose Gonzalez as well as our set of originals. The following links are our works of originals and photo’s from our gigs. We currently have a 45 minute show and would love for you to book us, film us, record us or even fund us. Based in the lovely Manchester we do like a travel and days out and will even play in your front room to your own invited audience.

The following YouTube videos are a bit clunky and a year old but some of our current catalogue.

Our progress and gigs to date.



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