Acupuncture, add a little zen enhanced my creative flow tenfold

So my compulsion to write increases with every day with a void created by not drinking alcohol, my acupuncture treatment and with a good dose of a zen life coaching course this weekend I have felt the urge to write even more.

I’ve just had my 8 th treatment of acupuncture in a ten session course at the student clinic Manchester Metropolitan University IT building here in Hulme. My practitioner and now councilor is Mihai. I’m floating! It has been by far the most relaxing of all sessions. Every week the treatment has been different dependent on the outcome of my pre-treatment interview session taking place immediately before any session. A few weeks ago I had 5 pins in my head after having a week of intense dreams,  the dreams are still intense but more relevant of what is happening now in life right now, last week I had a specific treatment for my left shoulder with a pain, the pain is less, I have been feeling hyper sensitive and emotional so have treatment for that. This could also be due to the void from abstinence as well as  a heightened wealth of self awareness so my treatment today was tailored to meet these needs also . As soon as the first pin went in today which was in the palm of my left hand where the wedding finger when curled up meets the palm, I felt a relaxation that can only be described as intoxicating. The pins that I had around the rest of my body, one either side in my rib cage for my shoulder pain, the ones in my feet web and legs for the rest of my ailments I barely felt, where in other weeks I feel i had some resistance to and had a fair few twitches and some good shocks. You always come away knowing and feeling where the pins have been in you more than while in the clinic, as I walk around I am aware of where their precise positioning was. This carries through the week.

I’ve had acupuncture before but auricular (auricular reference) for another addiction in life which we won’t go into here. I was feeling like I need to know more as i was leaving today so decided to ask “Mihai how he got into all this acupuncture malarky in the first place” as he was taking my payment. Maybe he was distracted by operating the card machine or maybe it was when I added “did he start back in Bulgaria” . He was being a bit vague and saying “oh erm, well I don’t know really”. But as he debited my account and gave me my receipt Mihai added “but it wouldn’t have been when I came from Bulgaria as I’m from Romania”! What a fucking numpty…. I give my apologies and say I’ll be in touch..

Mihai as i say is now not only my acupuncture therapist but has over the weeks taken over the role of being a kind of councilor/friend/mentor. He has never been short in telling me where my wrong doings are. “Don’t focus on the negatives but pursue the things that give you most pleasure like your music” and this week scolding me for being a negative fucker on facebook “don’t look for approval from anyone, do the things you do because you want to”. He’s top banana in my book, I always end up feeling a bit meekish and stupid during our weekly interviews but go away invigorated knowing he speaks honestly and with great integrity with me. I spoke with Mihai this week about the zen life coaching weekend I had been on and was explaining how I found I could only do the morning sessions and would leave them to it at the lunch break so we mulled it over. Apart from the fact i was there to support Sara my partner I explained, who is a devout student of the practice having been out to Sweden many times over the last 2 years almost at the cost of our relationship sometimes, I was finding it hard to explain what it was that i found difficult about it and why I didn’t attend the afternoon sessions. I was talking to myself as much as I was Mihai. I said I had come across and studied some of but not all the exercises in the zen sessions   but have to add not at all the practice at University whilst doing arts in the community while they were training me to be essentially, an arts coach. I said to Mihai “I felt it was wishy washy” Mihai said “what is this, wishy washy”? Again not able to find the right words Mihai answered for me “bullshit”! We both laughed which created  a beautiful zen moment that we both dropped into as we headed off for my acupuncture treatment to the clinic next door..

If you have never experienced acupuncture I would advise you give it a go. Don’t go for one or two treatments because you will not reap the full benefits. It is only now after 8 weeks that I am truly feeling the rewards. I struggled the first few weeks as you would, your body has a natural aversion to being stuck up with pins all over it. But as the body and mind adjust to the normality of it so too does the experience and the treatments take effect..

MMU clinic link

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  1. Sandra says:

    Great blog…. you have captured Mihai’s essence and wonderful ways excellently. Also the wonderfulness of acupuncture! 🙂 I am sad that I don’t get time to come say hi and listen in anymore.

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