What you get from giving up booze

Probably the last post/blog about giving up booze I want to get on with living now. I’ll tell you what you don’t get from giving up alcohol and that’s any sort of super powers but what you do get is a greater awareness and appreciation of what you are doing and what you have got that is precious.

I’m getting up at 7 am and hanging out the washing, the kids school uniforms etc on  a Saturday morning while everyone else is still in bed and seeing the crack of dawn. I woke at 6.30 with a cracking head ache and my thoughts swirling around my head about the day ahead. A couple of paracetamol and two cups of tea later and the washing out here I am telling you of what’s happening in my life again.

Next up is I am going to take my Cajon apart and fit a snare in it. It was a Cajon that was fitted with guitar strings for the snare which I have never been really happy with and anyway at the gig last night they have all snapped in the box so needs the repair before tonight’s gig.

So who am I playing with! A new band I am playing with is called ‘Souldiers’ lead by luminary poet Chris Jam and supported on Keyboards by Andy Kidd who is a phenomenal player. It is such a privilege and honor – and I don’t use those words lightly  – to be playing with such luminaries. Chris and Andy have been playing together for some time and have a intuitive understanding of what is needed to accompany the lyrics, poems and melody making my job a damn site easier than some bands I have played with. I get it and am in total appreciation of it all. We did our debut gig last night at the Wonder Inn, Manchester to great acclaim by those that came and watched and supported.

I’m also playing drum kit with a four piece bass, guitar, drum’s and vocals. Voice supplied by South African dude Levi that has a very eclectic flavor of African, funk, punk grooves. We haven’t gigged yet but are going to a studio tomorrow where I’m hopeful of something good coming out of it that will be worthy of putting a show together.

I have to get on I have a very busy day. I want to fix this Cajon before my children get up, Saturday is big breakfast day so will  be cooking a full English once they are fully awake. I have my regular drum circle meet at 1 pm to organize and our gig tonight is between 5-6 pm at “Taste festival of music and arts” in Levenshulme then get back to cook for the children again hahahah.

I’m going to be using the snare from my lovely Premier maple snare and treat that to a brand new snare but before chopping it in half to fit to the Cajon I will need to pay a visit to the local music store Johnny Roadhouse on Oxford road who I have used for thirty years. To start with I’ll strip both instruments down and hopefully by the time I’ve done that Johnny Roadhouse will be open for business and before the kids get up.

Everything dismantled it’s still only 9 am here are the pics to finish off this particular blog/post. Clarity and appreciation is the order of the day going into my 4th week alcohol free.

WP_20151010_001 WP_20151010_004WP_20151010_003WP_20151010_002So here we have the before and after shots. I got a rhythmstech second hand tamborine that fits my pearl hihat holder £15 and the snare was £20. All fitted as you can see in the pics reccessed the snare in to the frame of the CAJON  for a snug fit. I even got help with the breakfast how sweet thank you Marley in the kitchen and Pip who laid the table.WP_20151010_005WP_20151010_006WP_20151010_007WP_20151010_008  WP_20151010_009

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  1. Sandra says:

    You’re showing your super powers by choosing a wonderful colourful musical life instead of alcohol. You rock!!!

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