Still giving up alcohol

So now into my third week alcohol free and feeling ok but tired a lot. I’ve made some new friends namely my new council Darren and rekindled a love with my sweetheart Sara. I went for my acupuncture treatment today £10 a pop at the new MMU Brookes building here in Hulme and charmed them all with stories of my diverse life as a community artist and have my follow up treatment next week booked. “there is no place in my body, mind or soul for alcohol”.WP_20151007_001 WP_20151007_004

I’ve got lots of music to look forwards to this weekend, my regular drumming workshop Saturday day in Hulme and a gig in the evening I’ll be playing Cajon with Chris Jam — Manchester poet and keyboard player Andy Kidd we are called the “Soljiers” at a club in Levenshulme called the Klodyke club all part of a weekend music festival “Taste” at this venue. I live to play live there is nothing like it no drug or alcohol comes close and I’ve done them all. I am then in the studio all of Sunday with my other band – working name “strange fruit” subject to change as there may be another band with this name.  We are a 4 piece band playing original tunes with an upbeat funk/soul groove/world fusion sound lead by Levi from South Africa.

Well children here endeth the latest chapter in the life that makes my world turn on the day eBible believers said the world will end. Keep them wheels turning world.

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  1. Sandra says:

    These maths quizzes on your not a robot test are tricky 😉

    Love the acupuncture pictures, very cool! 🙂

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