Alcohol free times

A little blog on giving up alcohol – a note from my sponsors, me!

So next week into my 3rd week alcohol free I have counselling and a course of acupuncture starting at £10 a pop one and half hour treatments. I’ll tell you where if you are really interested – not just for addictions. I like acupuncture I’ve had the treatment before for other addictions and it helped immensely but lets not go there just now even though there is some relevance to my story.

Alcohol addiction is very sneaky, because it is legal to drink anywhere in the world you will hardly ever admit to yourself that you have a problem and I ask myself why. Well it helps oppress the masses – whilst in a stupor one cannot feel love, compassion, fear, sadness to the true level it should be felt or ever ask the questions that should be asked. You cannot love yourself so how can you truly love others or question the actions of others. Of course there are other benefits like being able to afford new clothes for me and my children, the bills are easier to manage and I can put four slices of bacon instead of three on my BLT on a Saturday morning.

There are very few people aware of what I am trying to achieve and because I don’t like to blow my own trumpet I’m not telling here either this is just me doing an exercise on my self for myself. I might not have any answers but by beginning to question what the fuck I have been doing and where I want to go with this I WILL find some answers and sollice somewhere down the line.

It’s a sneaky fucker like I say that trickle, trickle alcohol intake and right now I still miss having a drink I can’t ever see a time to be honest when I won’t miss a drink but my mantra is and I repeat, “there is no place in my body, mind or soul for alcohol”. The words and temptations are everywhere, in my favourite songs, in tv advertisements telling us it’s good to drink, bar promotions when I go to do open mic nights it’s fucking everywhere and it’s fucking everyone up.

Sermon over go back to drinking now!

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