Free style treedrummers play Audio Farm’s Festival Round Up at Antwerp Mansion April 4th (Easter Saturday)

Look at this folks I need people to confirm again they are coming. Just so you know they want us there for the whole thing 11pm -2am straight after the out door music ends but I’m not suggesting you have to be there the whole night. We can work in shifts so we don’t get burned out just so long as there is a core of drummers playing with the fire show this way we can go and see other things on there. Other randoms may join in as it is advertised there is a drumming jam but I’m not providing anyone a drum outside of our group of drummers so please say if you need me to bring a drum and I will pack them in the van. Please respect your drum and only let people play if it’s ok with you that’s if you get asked and you probably will. I just tell people I don’t let people play my personal drum. Things get easily damaged at these sort of events so keep an eye on your gear. Lets have a great 1st gig, enjoy your selves and have a big smile on your face when you are doing.
audio farm manchester

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