My Djembe re-skin March 2015

On the bench/kitchen floor today my personal djembe. I love this djembe I bought in The Gambia from the late great Thomas Camara. The wood is a hard wood similar to mahogany from Guinea all built under my very nose on Thomas’s compound in the district of Erring Yang. I’ve had the drum 6 years and this is the 4th skin on in those years. I have it in a really good kit bag but the damp got in a couple of times during festival outings which just splits the skin wide open. It once scared the pants off my children when it exploded in it’s bag in the living room while we were watching telly. We thought someone had been shot or a car had back fired out side but my youngest son Pip pointed at the bag and said “it came from there”. I opened the bag and sure enough the drum had split from ear to ear. Today’ s repair was again due to damp conditions and a split had become apparent in the side which meant no more tuning so even though still playable it had to be changed. Two weeks of drying now before I shave it and do an initial rope pull in tuning it. Treated myself to a skin with hair on from my friends Drumroots Jamie.

Here we have the skin shaved and ready for it’s first tuning.

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