Can gardening help the creative flow.

I started gardening this year something I have never done before. I started off by sowing a few seeds of chilli de Cayenne, and peppers. These came up quite fast and before long I had all sorts of things growing. I had the luxury of sharing Sara’s roof terrace which had just recently been cleaned and re-lined making the house water proof again so we had a bare canvas.

In the middle of all this I broke my little finger on my right hand which meant I had to stop drumming and teaching as it was impossible to play so I threw myself in to the roof terrace garden project that was now coming along and was a lovely place to go up and relax.

I was still able to play guitar so while we had the mildest spring in years. I took full advantage of the seclusion of the roof terrace nearly every day and ended up writing quite a few new songs for my band treedrum. So you see my early gardening project paid dividends I wasn’t even looking for. I was creating a space for all the family but ended up spending all my creative time up there almost nearly always on my own.

So what I would say is this new gardening malarkey has definately helped my creative flow because I have somewhere peaceful to relax and throughout the process of gardening it inspires you to do more generally


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