Arley Hall and Gardens Sculpture Trail 2015 and 2016

The Grove Sculpture Trail 2016



This year I was delighted to be invited back to Arley Hall and Gardens for the Sculpture Trail in the Grove. This year I really wanted to focus on the Grove and the natural shapes and forms found within leaves, grasses, flower petals and other smooth curving forms. This is a piece of Walnut that I sourced locally in Sherwood, Nottingham that had come down due to rot. It was a delight making this sculpture, the shapes and forms came as part of a conversation I was having with the wood, the flow of the grain really influencing the shapes and forms being made. The finished article is far removed from the initial sketches I made and I am pleased with how it turned out. And it feels wonderful, ‘please touch!’.

thumb_IMG_5214_1024             thumb_IMG_5198_1024

The Grove Sculpture Trail 2015


‘Black Trunk’ and ‘Bunny’

I have been invited back to show work as Part of the Arley Hall and Gardens Sculpture Trail in the Grove.  The Grove is an informal garden in a woodland setting and it has to be one of the most relaxing and inspiring places I know! I am exhibiting two contrasting pieces ‘Black Trunk’ and ‘Bunny’.


Black Trunk

‘Black Trunk’ (see above) strips this once rotten tree into its barest most simplistic form and this in turn has created an intriguing sculpture that may hold many secrets inside. It has been intentionally burnt with a blow torch to create this very dark finish.


Bunny Bunny1 Bunny2

‘Bunny’ (above) is a figurative piece that is reflective of a bunny rabbit. It is my intention that ‘Bunny’ is seen as emerging from the trunk of a tree creating this mystical sense that all around us the woods are alive in more ways than we think. I wanted this piece to be fun and take away from the seriousness of what I have been making in the past and get rid of all the boundaries that I set myself as an abstract sculptor. It’s a kind of ‘no rules’ piece, playing around with the idea of making something figurative, many chainsaw sculptures produce owls, mushrooms, eagles and other animals. I just wanted to play with that theme and see what I would produce and how it would look.

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