Irwell River Park – Salford Meadows Commission 2015

Kids on sculpture

Sculpture No1. A few weeks after Installation.


                                                                                                                                                                                The finished piece – Sculpture No 1.

No.1 IMG_2979 IMG_2978 IMG_2977 IMG_2976

I would like to thank Start Creative for this great opportunity and also TreeStation Gorton for their help and support. It has been a great commission to work on and the Meadows look just great with their new sculptures installed!

This is my studio and the piece of wood I am going to be working on at the Treestation for the next week or two.


My husband Richard Ramchurn of Albinomosquito fame came down and took some nice pics.

IMG_3881 IMG_3826 IMG_3855 IMG_3871


I am very pleased to say that my submission for this commission was successful with Sculpture No1. Hopefully I shall be starting work on this next week!

The Commission:

The theme for the commission seeks to build on the story presented by the winners of the international design competition for the proposed new bridge connection from The Crescent to the Meadow which is as follows:
In the meadow a boy found a curious seed
he put the seed in his pocket and started to run home
He bounded through the long grass in search of a way across the river
in his excitement the seed had jumped from his pocket
The next day he returned from the city to the meadow
from the seed a delicate tendril had grown to connect the meadow to the city.

My response to this lovely story was to propose a series of sculptures that tied in with the idea of a delicate tendril making its way through the meadows and creating these new unknown forms that have grown from the seed. Sculpture 1 is as follows:

A large tendril escaping from the earth bursting into life with large curvaceous ends. With distinctive lines running up the sides, this piece encourages the viewers eye to travel up the sculpture where they finally rest on bulbus forms, inspired by White beam berries.

Rachel Ramchurn Design Proposal 1