Sun Seeds

Sun Seeds is a..

Children’s book project!!

I’ve been working on and off on this project for awhile and I feel its starting to come together lately with the characters, story and style.Below you can see my idea’s for this project from the idea for a front cover to character concepts and page lay out.

The image Below is my first idea for a cover I have and have finished though I may go though some changes with this as my project progresses. And next to it is a preview page from my book.


Below are more ideas for pages in just there line art stage.

With one being the cover above and the other being the first page of the story.

Spits-and-Sparks-Cover--2 Sun-seeds-art-

The images below are the books main character designs with illustrations of them for the book and for the costumes I’m working on.

I’ve also have a go as you can see below at painting the frost these dragons live in to try and start to create there world!!.

Thanks for reading..

Come back soon for more updates!!