Artworks: Workshops for Individuals, Community Groups and Festivals

Artworks workshops for community groups and festivals, were set up by Joy Nolan-Evans in 2005.

Joy Nolan-Evans Workshop Leader

Joy Nolan-Evans

Joy is an experienced and qualified workshop leader who has worked in various community settings; youth clubs, festivals, primary schools, high school and colleges. Now based in Greater Manchester and working at festivals all over the UK or abroad.


Artworks specialises in running community workshops ensuring that all workshops and classes can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual and the provider.

The following workshops are available

  • Leather Work
  • Textiles, Weaving and  Silk Painting
  • Machine Sewing
  • Willow, Wire and Beads Decorations and Jewellery Making
  • Flower Decorations using Fantasy Film
  • Art From Around The World
  • Story Making and  Telling



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Please see upcoming events to find details of the next course or use the contact form for any queries.