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90 Degree Citizen exhibition in Manchester Museum


The Launch event features an In Conversation with artists and curators plus live music from Emmanuela Yogolelo.A rare exhibition of work by a new wave of visual artists whose experiences include life as refugees in the UK engaging with objects from The Manchester Museum.FREE to attend, but please register by clicking on ‘Get Tickets’ above.90 Degree Citizen presents artworks that resonate with experiences of migration and refuge. They represent a sample of a new wave of expression in the UK outside of the limitations of western art schools and markets, often with a greater interest in symbolism, narrative and cultural hybridity.Further information on Virtual Migrants website: 90 Degree Citizen
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Piccadilly Gardens memorial marks 24th anniversary of Iraqi Kurdistan poison attacks

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MEMORIAL: To mark the 24th anniversary
Posted Friday, March 16, 2012 – 18:24

By Hannah Hulme

The horrific chemical attack on Halabja, Iraq, in which over 5,000 civilians were killed, was today marked by a memorial at Piccadilly Gardens.

Artist Amang Mardokhy, born

in the Kurdistan region and now living in Manchester, created the memorial to mark the 24th anniversary of the attack.

Mr Mardokhy also intended to raise awareness about the genocidal campaign against the Kurds by Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, during the Iraq-Iran war

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