Fusion gets crafty!

Fusion met at 42nd Street, a youth charity based in Ancoats, near Manchester City Centre last Saturday and got stuck into making Jewellery with artist Rachel Ramchurn. With a beautiful array of brightly coloured beads, it wasn’t long before everyone had made a gorgeous bracelet and a pair of earrings –  a great little Mother’s Day present!

After jewellery making, Fusion worked up a sweat on the dance floor with a quick 15 minutes of Afro-Caribbean dance. Not so easy when you’ve just wolfed down a plate of chicken and rice but the group left 42nd Street on a high and with lots of energy!

Check out Fusion’s Jewellery making skills!

The group gave lots of positive feedback about the sessions this week. They only wished they had more time! Luckily Rachel will be back with more arts and crafts this Saturday.

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